Tasty as Hell Plant-Based Chips That Taste Just Like Bacon!

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"Holy sh** it tastes like bacon."
“Oh my God. I LOVE this!”
"These are addictive. Can I have another?"


They may taste just like bacon, but PigOut Chips are packed with health benefits! Our bacon chips are high in the antioxidant vitamin E, and are made from mushrooms that are antimicrobial, antibacterial and contain a cholesterol-lowering statin called lovastatin!

While PigOut Chips have nutritional benefits, we believe taste comes first. Our careful cooking and seasoning process means they are similar to other chips in terms of fat, sodium and calories. However, when you replace pork bacon with our PigOut bacon chips, the advantages are obvious - PigOut Chips contain 73% less saturated fat and 69% less sodium than cooked pork bacon! Eat them by the handful or amp up your favorite recipes (we're talking BLTs, mac n cheese, salads and avocado toast!). Happy Pigging Out!
Non gmo
Amazing flavor & Texture
Addictively delicious
Cruelty Free


meet chef dave.

Chef Dave won’t let anything leave his kitchen until it tastes absolutely OUTSTANDING!

An alchemist in the kitchen and the new best bud to your taste buds, Chef Dave has quite the reputation in the culinary world. His award-winning Los Angeles restaurant was a celebrity hangout, and he's cooked for A-listers like Bill Gates, Paul McCartney and Ellen DeGeneres. His passions drew him to Beyond Meat, where he led product development for groundbreaking, industry-shaking foods like the Beyond Burger! Now, chef Dave is inviting you into his kitchen with snacks that bring bacon to the next level - no chemicals, no cruelty, SO much flavor. Get ready to go ham on the revolutionary taste and texture of PigOut bacon chips!

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