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How do we make our Pig Out Chips taste just like crispy bacon? We start with hearty mushroom slices, which are transformed with careful cooking and seasoning to create an authentic bacon taste.

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Crispy, crunchy, savory, satisfying. Original Pig Out Chips are the perfectly portable cure for your bacon cravings, or the greatest addition to your next hit recipe! Get ready to go ham on Pig Out Chips!


Love the taste of cheddar almost as much as you love the taste of bacon? This flavor has all of your cravings satisfied, in one chip. You’ll be saying “cheese!” when you chow down on Cheddar Pig Out Chips!

kansas city bbq

Get ready to taste an even bolder bacon chip! Our Kansas City BBQ Pig Out Chips transport you from bag to backyard barbecue in one bite. They’re guaranteed to please all your buds - especially your taste buds!


Some like it hot…and the others are seriously missing out! The bold blend of peppers and spices in our Chipotle Pig Out Chips pack powerful flavor into every bite. If you like spice, you’ll love Chipotle Pig Out Chips!

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What they're saying

“That tastes exactly like when you have the crispiest of bacon…that’s super salty satisfying!”
- Tina Malave
Host of ABC 7’s Eye on L.A
“Holy sh** it tastes like bacon.”
- Chef Eric Huss
texas steakhouse owner
“He [chef Dave Anderson] is one of the very top vegan chefs and he created these incredible bacon chips that taste like bacon but there’s no pigs harmed!”
- Emily Deschanel
“I just received the chips and bags. Tried a few chips and I gotta say, they really are delicious. Well done!”
- Shawn Donnelly
Deputy editor at Muscle & Fitness magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pig out Chips?

Pig Out Chips are a better bacon - better for you, better for the planet and better for pigs! They have all the taste and texture of crispy bacon, but are 100% plant-baseD.

Where can i buy them?

You came to the right place! You can buy them right here, at https://pigoutchips.com/shop. Soon, you’ll also find them on shelves at a store near you! Stay tuned for a list of locations carrying Pig Out Chips.

How do you make bacon without the piG?

It all starts with a few mushrooms and a lot of passion. Chef Dave adds a pinch of his signature food alchemy and just a touch of smokiness for a highly satisfying flavor you won’t find anywhere else - And since our bacon has none of the bad stuff, you can pig out and never feel guilty!